Wine for Normal People

Believe it or not, there are some unwritten rules about tasting wine in a formal setting.  Whether you’re at a winery, wine bar, or a fancy dinner, Elizabeth and Rick help by explaining ‘wine etiquette’. Show Notes: Thanks to Matt and Brandy for leaving comments on the blog and giving us the idea for this show topic Huge props to Steve Paulo at Notes from the Cellar - an awesome wine blog that previously covered 8 Rules for Visiting Tasting Rooms (it’s a great read!!) Shout-outs - Awesome reviews on iTunes, the blog, and the Facebook page Main Topic - Wine Etiquette When presented a wine, what do you do with the cork? Does it matter if you hold the wine glass properly? What are the best questions to ask at a wine tasting? Should you spit out your wine at a tasting? The difference between wine tasting rooms and wine bars Should you always finish your glass of wine? Should you tip the sommelier, or not tip on alcohol? When visiting a tasting room, are you obli [...]

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