Wine for Normal People

Laura Maniec, Master Sommelier and owner of CorkBuzz Wine Studio shares insights on being an MS, a restaurateur, and a hospitality guru. After she shares her fascinating story, we talk about our venture, and how we love wine shopping for you and treasure hunting for great values that hit the price point for an average of $70 for 4 bottles (a steal!). 


Here are the topics we cover on the show: 

  • First, Laura tells us about her childhood and how her grandmother shaped her mentality regarding hospitality. 
  • We learn about how a Master Sommelier gets made! Laura talks about her path from cocktail waitress in Queens to MS and owner of CorkBuzz Wine Studio in Manhattan and Charlotte, NC. 
  • We get Laura's take on the MS program and how much she loves it! We talk about who it's for and who it's not for. 
  • We discuss Laura's awesome wine philosophy and how she wants to help normal people love wine!
  • Laura shares with us the latest wine trends she's seeing in NYC
  • We chat about the new project we're on together, Weekly Tasting and how it's an opportunity for us to shop for wines for you that you may not know about, have heard of or even knew you wanted (you do want these!)

Laura is @lauramaniec on Twitter and Instagram and you can find her on Facebook @CorkbuzzRestaurant&Winebar



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