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This week, Elizabeth and Rick play the ‘Wine Mythbusters’ and debunk the top 7 myths of the wine world. Expensive wines, France, and cigars are just a few of the topics covered in this episode. We start with a few shoutouts to awesome reviews on iTunes for the show! Amazing stuff! A new and fabulous piece of “old school” technology for the Wine For Normal People Podcast… Call us!!! Do you have a wine-related question for Elizabeth? Anything goes! Call 800-599-8478 (in the U.S.) or 1-415-226-9105 and dial extension 5 to leave your question for the Wine For Normal People Podcast, and we will play it on the show! Listener Question - from Brandy in the UK Main Topic - Top 7 Wine Myths DEBUNKED! We cover these topics: Flavors in Wine Aging Wines Expensive Wines French Wine Cigars & Wine High Scoring Wines (and Wine Critics) Screw Caps (vs. Corks) Grape of the Week - Tempranillo And a special and amazing thanks to Sean Amann for creating an awesome intr [...]

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And finally, we tackle the big dog of the whites: Chardonnay. So many styles, so little time. MC Ice steps in while Rick is on summer break! Here are the show notes… Some fun facts about the Chardonnay grape (the real dorky stuff and some surprising things about how boring the grape is on its own…) Typical profiles of the Old World v. New World Styles Major (and not so major) growing regions in the Old World: Burgundy, Champagne, Northern Italy, Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe Major growing regions in the New World: South America, South Africa, Australia, California A word on food and Chardonnay pairing… Chardonnay is such a huge topic that we couldn’t do anything but brush the surface. If you’ve got questions post them on  Facebook or Tweet us @Normalwine Like this? Then, tell the world: Please drop a comment on the Wine For Normal People Blog or Facebook Page. Dig the podcast? Please review us on iTunes and we’ll give you a shout out! Sponsore [...]

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