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Wine Traditions around the world are pretty interesting. In this episode we discuss the coolest ones. First we take a listener question from @mjgraves on Twitter about when to drink Cabernet Sauvignon. (Write in or call us and you’ll be on the show!!!  Anything goes! Call 800-599-8478 (in the U.S.) or 1-415-226-9105 and dial extension 5 to leave your question for the Wine For Normal People Podcast, and they’ll answer it in an upcoming episode!) Spanish Traditions and Cava Italian Traditions and Prosecco/Franciacorta Chilean Traditions and gold rings in the bubbles, Portuguese Traditions and Vinho Verde, Germany and Sekt, French Champagne, English speaking countries = boozing it up and fireworks. Grape of the week: Pinot Meunier Listen and you’ll get why I’ll be lugging a suitcase around my block at midnight, while shoving some grapes in my mouth! If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment on the Wine For Normal People blog, or join [...]

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Just in time for the holidays: Wine Gift Ideas!!! This week, Elizabeth and MC Ice talk about 4 kinds of gifts to get for the wine lover/liker/drinker in your life… Gadgets: The most useful, must-haves (not just random crap you buy just to buy!). Credit to listener Sayle Milne who provided the suggestion on wine charms! Glassware: The three kinds someone really needs and a few recommendations on what to look for and what to avoid. Books. From Facebook friend Brandon Robinson, they cover books: Elizabeth’s aversion to “Fun” wine books, three reference books for real wine dorks, and a shameless plug for the upcoming “Wine For Normal People” book (and shout to Elizabeth’s fabulous agent Myrsini!). And, drum roll…you didn’t think they’d cover all this stuff and forget the WINE, did you? They discuss strategies for shopping for wine as a gift — from in-store selections to wine clubs to the horror of wine shipping law [...]

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They’re back at it — the Grape Miniseries makes a triumphant return! While drinking a rather skunked and old Napa version, MC Ice and Elizabeth tackle the King of the Reds: Cabernet Sauvignon. If you like Elizabeth’s dork out moments… get ready. Here are a few summary points: Elizabeth geeks out on the grape, talking about the history and the viticulture of Cabernet Sauvignon (everything from torrid vineyard love affairs to Pliny the Elder to methoxypyrazines). Elizabeth and MC Ice try to cover everything you ever wanted to know about Cabernet from the most famous regions around the world: - Old World: Bordeaux, Italy, Spain, and other parts of Europe - New World: California (Napa, Sonoma), Washington, Oregon, Long Island, South America (Chile, Argentina), Australia, South Africa They cover food and wine pairing and MC Ice gets really excited about the marriage of Cabernet and food. (the chemical reaction of tannin and filet fascinates him) And here&# [...]

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