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This week we go inside the wine industry again! We start with some amazing shout outs from iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks for all the positive feedback! Then we tackle a robust listener question that pulls the curtain back on the wine industry. Elizabeth shares firsthand information about big conglomerates’ wines that she learned while working for one of these companies! We address the quality, the marketing, & how to figure out what they own. Then we cover the certifications that people in the wine industry love to tout, what they really mean, and our take on the pyramid schemes of these certification groups: The certifications that Pliny the Elder, Ausonius, Thomas Jefferson, and other wine experts throughout history earned/certifications’ place in wine history. The wine-service-oriented Court of Master Sommeliers and the different levels they offer The Society of Wine Educators and the Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Wine Educator The Wine and Spi [...]
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After a bunch of awesome shout outs (thank you all so much) and a listener question about Viognier “blooming” in the glass, we get to it. In this episode we talk about Sherry — and let you in on something you need to go out and get, before everyone else figures out how great it is and the prices go up! Here’s a top level summary: We’re on a sherry kick – MC Ice explains why he’s a convert We answer the question — Sherry: What the hell is it? and discuss how it’s not just for bad 70s TV stars We talk about the “Sherry Triangle” in Southern Spain and how the stuff is made, including the different types and what they go with, food-wise. We top it off with a note on the best darn dessert combination out there — Pedro Ximenez Sherry and ice cream (divine!) and wrap it up! If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment below or join the awesome conversation on Facebook (Wine For Normal People [...]
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To start 2012, we’ve got new music and some great news! We were chosen as “Best New Arts Podcast” in Apple’s 2011 Rewind! Thanks to everyone for loyal listening in 2011 and we look forward to a great 2012. After some shout outs and great reviews, we tackle common winemaking terms and define them. A dorky, but fun episode! Here are some quick notes on the show: If you ever wondered exactly what stuff like residual sugar, malolactic fermentation, sur lie aging, maceration, natural yeast fermentation, disgorgement and riddling, and bottle shock are, you are in luck! We address listener questions on aging Champagne and on sur lie. The Grape of the Week is Chenin Blanc. The new music is “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 - Licensed under Creative Commons  Attribution (3.0). Let us know if you like it, and if you’re a mixmaster and want us to use your bumper music instead, send it over and we’ll give it a listen! If you l [...]
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