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This week we talk about South Africa, one of my favorite countries. After going there in 2005, I became enamored of the wine and the country. Since then, I’ve been a big fan! In this episode we hit on: The history of South African wine and why it’s a good bridge between the Old and New World How South Africa’s Price to Value ratio measures up The climate, geography, and varietals of the main growing regions The Wine of Origin or regional specificity pyramid Some detail on the most important wine regions: Stellenbosch, Paarl/Franschoek, Overberg, Robertson, and more…and why I love Swartland and think it has major potential! I love South Africa and its wines. If you ever get a chance to visit or even look at pictures, check it out. It’s a really special place! If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment below, or join the awesome conversation on Facebook (Wine For Normal People page) and Twitter @normalwine! If you̵ [...]
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M.C. Ice and I are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback! As usual, we celebrate and thank you for your support by going through shout outs from iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter — all amazing! We appreciate you all so much. Then, we address a question that I’ve been hearing a ton lately: What kind of additives are in wine? (As a preview, they’re not related to Velveeta or Cheese Whiz, even though the name “additive” evokes those highly-processed foods!). For the main topic, this week we take a practical look at how to taste wine to get more out of your experience. We get down & dirty, giving you new ideas on how to evaluate what you’re tasting. Why it’s important to look at the wine, swirl it, smell it, and what to look for while tasting. Our goal: have you slow down the process of tasting so you can figure out what you like and don’t like, so you can get more of the former and avoid the latter! If you lik [...]
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After some fabulous shout outs (thank you so much!) and a great listener question on “why do wines go on sale? (a little inside the industry on this one!), this week we cover Spain. First we brush up on history, covering how the Phoenicians, Moors, and a Facist dictator affected Spain’s wine industry Then we talk about the different quality levels — we explain the differences from table wines to the top quality designation, all of which will appear on the bottle Finally, we do an overview of what you can get expect from some of the top regions. If you are interested in Spain, but don’t know where to start, this podcast is for you! If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment on the Wine For Normal People blog, or join the awesome conversation on Facebook (Wine For Normal People page) and Twitter @normalwine! Also, if you’ve got a question you want us to answer, post it on any of those places and we’ll include it on the show [...]
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