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I’m totally torn about this week’s podcast. I almost gave up and decided not to launch it, but M.C. Ice and some Facebook friends encouraged me to go for it. What’s wrong with the Italy Overview? I think it was such a big topic that I lost steam. I thought it was a little low energy this week and I apologize. That said, I’m launching it anyway. If it’s your first podcast…PLEASE give us another listen. Not our best work. Click here to take a listen: Here are the notes: We hit on some stats about Italy and how I think it’s amazing that people feel any level of comfort with Italian wine, when it’s such a complex, confusing, and inconsistent product. I explain why wine is like breathing in Italy and how it’s viewed differently there than in most other countries. We discuss the staggering number of grapes, a rough overview of geography, and then we DORK out on history — we throw in a little Latin, talk about [...]
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This week we talk about some tactics for improving and understanding your tasting skills and palate. I’ve been doing a ton of classes lately and have realized that so many people are spooked by describing wine and think they have poor senses of taste. Nah! We tackle four tips that can help you improve or at least understand your palate! 1. Build your “taste pantry” — including a story about me licking a golf club 2. The importance of state of mind when tasting wine (and why not to taste with jerks) 3. Figuring out how to define what standard BS wine terms mean to you 4. M.C. Ice and I do a little battle over nature v. nurture on the palate…you’ll be surprised at who takes what side. And the Grape of the Week: Norton, an American original! As a bonus, here is the picture we mentioned at the end of the podcast. If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment below, or join the awesome conversation on Facebook (Wine F [...]
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