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From Rosé Champagne to Beaujolais-Villages, we've got a range to recommend to our American friends. Part shameless commerce division (the wines are available on, part food pairing bonanza we've got wines to make your TG more delicious!

Here is a list of the wines we mention:

Grüner Veltliner

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc

Alsace Riesling

Rosé Champagne

Super Tuscan Syrah


Cahors (mostly Malbec)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please let us know how the wines were, especially if you ordered them from Vinport!

Thanks for listening!

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After shameless plugs for our nomination for the Best Food & Drink Podcast Award (such an honor to be nominated!), and a reminder about the wines I selected for you to check out and buy on, this week we delve into a thorny issue in the wine world.

Which has a bigger influence on wine: terroir or the winemaker?

We bring up arguments for both, go in circles and then ask you to send us your conclusion! 

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We reference an article by Jamie Goode, an excellent and noted wine writer in which you may be interested: 

Terroir: muddy thinking about the soil?

Thanks for listening! Please send us your thoughts on this topic!

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This week is a continuation of Episode 87, but this time it's all about the most confusing but rewarding aspect of Riesling: German Riesling. Expert Stuart Piggott and I discuss the highest quality regions, sweetness and dryness scales, and how to shop to get what you want. Another don't miss episode!

Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

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