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Using M.C. Ice's experience and his "lightbulb" moment in learning about a wine's potential to age, we discuss a recent tasting of a high end Bordeaux wine and how he was able to identify that this wine was a diamond in the rough (and it's not just because it costs $700 a bottle!).

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This week I interview a close friend who happens to be the GM of a few wineries in Napa, the Dentist (he will be on again and if we want his candor, we need to disguise his identity!). He lives and works in Napa and he goes into detail about what the earthquake on August 24, 2014 felt like and what its ramifications are for the wineries and vineyards. The earthquake measured 6.0 on the Richter scale and is now considered a "major disaster" by the US government.


This is a firsthand account of an earthquake and what happens afterwards to the people, the land, and the wine. 


Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy! 



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