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This week listener Jenn Y and I interview Tomomi Muraki Duquette, a sake sommelier from Niigata City who schools us in everything sake! We cover everything you need to allow you to explore the world of sake! Thanks to Tomomi and Jenn for a great lesson!

We cover things like:

  • What is sake? How much like beer is it versus like wine?
  • How is sake made?
  • What flavors should we expect from different kinds of sake?
  • What are the different kinds of sake? What should we look for on the bottle?

As promised, here are the types of sake that Tomomi discussed:

  • junmai
  • honjozo
  • Junmai ginjo, gingo
  • Junmai daiginjo, daiginjo 

For more good reading on the topic, please visit this site:


Enjoy this very cool, different WFNP special! 


And for more info on Tomomi's group, see her Facebook page:

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This co-podcast with Brian Weber from Bartender Journey will teach you a ton about what goes on behind the bar with wine! From the danger of ordering rosé to how long a wine is left open before chucked, we give it to you straight! 


Brian launched our full conversation on his podcast, which includes more basics about wine. I've edited our conversation to focus just on the wine-relevant portions! We talked about...

  • How much knowledge do bartenders have about wine?How much training do they receive?
  • Is it ok to ask for samples?
  • How long does wine stick around before it's chucked if it's sold BTG? Do they ever try it - or just pour and hope it is still good? How many days do you leave a red by the glass compared to a white after opening?
  • How does pricing of wine work in a restaurant setting?
  • Do you think of us wine folk as silly purists? Meaning, a great cocktail is made from a few, if not many ingredients, and we winos are mostly looking for singularity.
  • What do you do when a customer tells you the wine you served is corked?
  • Have you ever faked rosé by adding red  to white wine? 
  • Are there any cocktails that do not screw up your palate before the meal?
  • What are some new and exciting wine cocktails being offered? How much of a difference does better wine make in these cocktails?

A very fun conversation from which I know you'll learn a ton! 



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Forget the scare-mongering media's claims about arsenic in wine! We have the real deal. This week, I was HONORED to host Dr. Carl Winter, PhD, and professor at University of California at Davis. He's a food toxicologist & food safety musician (you must listen to his songs about food hazards, sung to popular music. He is hilarious but brilliant because the stuff is so memorable). He sets us straight and let's us know there is nothing to fear when it comes to arsenic in wine. I'm copying in some points he gave me on arsenic in wine, in case you want to go further in your knowledge on the subject.

AND the bonus. M.C. Ice was so enamored of the concept of food safety music, that he created something in homage to Dr. Winter. I hope you love it (and I hope he does too!).*

MANY thanks to Dr. Winter. A cool dude, an inspiration to us, and an all around nice dude!

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