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A little out of the ordinary for us, this week we have a short interview with filmmaker Sarah Knight, who directed Vino Veritas, a dark comedy in which wine features prominently. The movie stars Carrie Preston (Emmy winner - CBS's The Good Wife, HBO's Tru Blood). The story revolves around two couples and the night they have once a rare Peruvian "wine" serves as a truth serum for each character. Although wine isn't the subject of the movie like in Somm, Mondovino, or even Sideways, it does have a big role, so this movie is great for people who like character development and wine!

The interview focuses on wine's role in the movie, stereotypes of wine drinkers, and whether alcohol, in general is a truth serum.

Take a listen but for you production junkies, please be forewarned...we were constrained in our technology so it was recorded over the phone. The interview sounds like it's on AM radio, so don't be a hater!

The movie can be downloaded from iTunes and Vudu or Amazon, and the trailer is here:

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We couldn't help but review the wine movie of the day: SOMM. 

We liked it, mostly. Here are the highlights:

  • The cinematography was outstanding -- this guy (Jason Wise) can make a movie! 
  • Wise presented the rigor of the exam well
  • The characters were interesting

BUT, we felt that, knowing what we know, there were some holes in the presentation. We raise things like the intensity of the service exam (nearly invisible in the movie), the financial hit people have to take to be successful, and what it actually gets you once you achieve this level (be careful what you wish for)...

Enjoy and PLEASE take it for what it's worth. We are reviewing from the wine perspective -- we're by no means pro reviewers. We'd love to hear your opinions on it all! 

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