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What are the worst gifts a wine lover can receive? From the wine bra, to the wine stein to gas station wine, we go over the worst of the worst, in hopes that we can prepare you for what may be awaiting you under the tree! You won't believe this stuff! Here's the list with links:


  1. Wine games:

  2. Wine bra:

  3. Wine shirts:

  4. Wine Chillers:

  5. Wine napkins:

  6. Chambong:

  7. Chalices:

  8. 750 ml Wine glass:

  9. Double walled wine stein:

  10. Wine bjorn:

  11. Old vintage wine, $2 wine, a magnum of white Zinfandel, Crappy homemade wine given as a gift

There are some bad ones in there! Check it  out and never buy these for anyone! Merry Christmas and thanks for listening! 

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