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Introducing: The Quick Wine Review! A two-minute profile of an individual wine, where Elizabeth breaks down how the wine smells, tastes, feels, and which foods would pair well. The goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make an educated selection in the wine aisle - way beyond what the back label can tell you. This week: Oyster Bay Pinot Noir 2010 If you like this format, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We have plans to publish these quick wine reviews for nearly every wine you can find in your local stores. We will still be publishing the long-form podcast on fun topics like the Top 10 Snobby Wine Terms and How to Speak to a Sommelier, but we will also publish these “Quick Wine Reviews” if you’d like to hear more. Like this? Then, tell the world: Please drop a comment on the Wine For Normal People Blog or Facebook Page. Dig the podcast? Please review us on iTunes and we’ll give you a shout out! Sponsored by the free Hello Vino app (wine recommendations [...]

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Not only do “Old World” (Europe) and the “New World” (everywhere else) have different approaches to making wine, it carries through right to the way they name stuff. This week, Rick and Elizabeth help explain the reason for this and cover some major European wine names and what’s actually in them… All are grapes you know and love, just masquerading as some other name. Here are the show notes: Shout-Outs -Amazing reviews on iTunes, posts on the Facebook page, comments on the blog, and replies on Twitter Main topic: A quick explanation of why Europeans name wines by place… it’s all about the Romans The whites: Chablis, Condrieu, Vouvray, Sancerre and more The reds: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cote Rotie, Barolo, Rioja, and more And grape of the week: Torrontes - the floral, peachy, yet acidic white of Argentina Please drop a comment on the Wine For Normal People Blog or Facebook Page. Dig the podcast? Please review us on iTunes and we’ll gi [...]

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Have you ever stared blankly at a wine label and wondered what the wine was in the bottle? Elizabeth and Rick take you through an easy-to-understand approach to reading a wine label when making your next purchase. Show Notes: Shout-Outs -Awesome reviews on iTunes, posts on the Facebook page, comments on the blog, and replies on Twitter Main Topic - How to Read a Wine Label A cameo from Ellie the dog Information on the Label: Vintage Alcohol Content Warnings Country of Origin Producer/Importer Regions & Appellations “New World” Wine Labels (U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.) European Wine Labels & How to Decipher Them German Wine Labels (Always a Challenge) How a Wine Label Reads Like a Beauty Product Back Labels: Beware of the B.S. Coming Soon - The Q&A Show: Ask your questions on Facebook or the blog Send us questions, comments, and some love on Twitter @NormalWine Drop a comment on the Wine for Normal People blog Dig the podcast? Pleas [...]

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Do you love Pinot Noir? Then, this episode is for you! Elizabeth and Rick chat about the different styles of Pinot Noir from all over the world, and help point out which Pinot Noir may be perfect for you. Show Notes: Shout-outs - Fun comments on the Facebook page, Wine for Normal People Blog, and on Twitter How to pick the perfect Pinot Noir when shopping for wine Different flavor profiles/styles of Pinot Noir Popular regions that grow Pinot Noir: Burgundy Carneros (Napa & Sonoma) Russian River Valley (Sonoma) Central Coast New Zealand Oregon (Ora-gone / Or-again, depending on how you pronounce it) Germany (where it’s called Spätburgunder) Australia Champagne (typically blush/rosé sparkling wine from this region) And a special invitation to an online wine tasting with Elizabeth & Rick Send us questions, comments, and some love on Twitter @NormalWine Drop a comment on the Wine for Normal People blog Dig the podcast? Please review us on iTunes and we’ll give y [...]

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Need some wine recommendations for your 4th of July and Summer outings? Elizabeth and Rick suggest some red, white, and rose wines along with some food pairings and gift ideas. Show Notes: A new, shorter intro to get right into the good stuff Main Topic - Wines for 4th of July festivities and other Summer sippers Red Wines - Pairing suggestions for grilled foods, light reds for sipping, and which red wines to bring as gifts White Wines - Refreshing choices for the Summer heat, some food pairing ideas, and which white wines would go over well at a party Rosé Wines - Not all are created equal… We provide some tips on picking the best rosé wines Grape of the Week - Grenache (or Garnacha): The flavor profiles and a little history on the grape Have you tried a Grenache/Garnacha? If so, join the conversation on the Facebook page Send us questions, comments, and some love on Twitter @NormalWine Drop a comment on the Wine for Normal People blog Dig the podcast? Please review us on [...]

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Show notes:*** Shoutouts to friends on Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, and commenters on email and on the blog Merlot (yes, the “t” is silent) Merlot: The Goldilocks wine — medium and great because of it! Descriptions of different styles of Merlot and why some of it is kind of bad and some is outstanding Merlot’s relationship with Cabernet Sauvignon A bit of background on this lovely grape — where it came from Growing regions and styles: France (Bordeaux), Italy, the Baltic states, New Zealand, Australia, and US (Washington State and CA) A little on food pairing Prestigious producers of Merlot Please leave us your feedback at the Wine for Normal People blog, on the Wine For Normal People Facebook Page, and on Twitter @normalwine Sponsored by the free Hello Vino mobile app (iPhone & Android) ***Program note/Correction: In this episode, Elizabeth mistakenly says Merlot is grown in the “Baltic states” when s [...]

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In homage to the great TV trend of the 1980s, we begin a mini-series on the big grapes from around the world. We’re moving beyond Grape of the Week to go in depth on the wine major league that you ask the most questions about. This week’s episode is on Sauvignon Blanc, just in time for the warm summer weather!! Show Notes: Main Topic -Sauvignon Blanc The Sauvignon Blanc grape, its origins, flavor profile, and why methoxypyrazines and cat pee aren’t such bad things in this grape. We then drilled down into the main regions that produce Sauvignon Blanc and talk about differences in styles: Sancerre/Pouilly- Fume for minerally wines that strip the enamel off your teeth (but are delicious) Napa, California for a softer, floral style, sometimes with an oaky twist Marlborough, New Zealand, for excellent  grapefruit flavors, acid, and even a jalapeno kick Bordeaux for a softer blend with Semillon and Muscade [...]

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Another great podcast with Elizabeth and guest host M.C. Ice (thanks again for co-hosting!) Shoutouts to friends on Twitter, Facebook, and commenters the blog Main topic: Inside the Wine Industry · How does the wine industry work? – Regulation, the three tier system, and how it functions A few ways you can get into the industry if you want to pursue it as a career The real scoop — Elizabeth’s opinions on how it’s far from glitz and glamour. Elizabeth and M.C. Ice share some personal experiences and tell it how it really is Personalities in the wine industry — from the veteran to the lifestyle junkie, to the snobs, you’ll find it all in this biz To sum it all up: think long and hard before diving into the wine industry…it’s not too much different from any other business, despite what it looks like from the outside! And…The Grape of the Week is Cabernet Franc Join the conversation on Facebook or on the Wine For Normal Pe [...]

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Rick takes a week off, so Elizabeth and special guest M.C. Ice discuss how to shop for wine so you walk out of the store with what you need and want. Show Notes: Shout-outs - Some great Twitter replies and Facebook posts Main Topic M.C. Ice confronts his fear of the Wall of Wine (WoW) and admits that he shops by label This time it’s personal: Elizabeth takes the bull by the horns and tries to teach M.C. Ice how to break down the store so he starts bringing home some better wines! Elizabeth and M.C. Ice talk about the key questions to ask yourself before you even get in the store? “Why am I here?” is a good place to start. Shopping with a purpose is essential. They then get into the importance of deciding on the type of wine you want — from color, to sweetness level, to weight, to style by wine producing country. Grape of the Week: Verdejo from Rueda in North Central Spain — a great alternative white, kind of like Sauvignon Blanc, but with a bite. Shar [...]

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