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All podcast music: “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons 
Attribution (3.0) 

Sep 14, 2011

This week Rick and Elizabeth give you some awesome and random facts about wine that you can pull out at a party, family function, or anywhere else you need to make small talk! Elizabeth dorks out on wine history and stumps Rick on the Latin name for the Grape of the Week. Here are the show notes: We start with a few shoutouts to awesome reviews on iTunes and fun comments on Facebook And we answer another listener question! We want you to Call us!!! Do you have a wine-related question for Elizabeth? Anything goes! Call 800-599-8478 (in the U.S.) or 1-415-226-9105 and dial extension 5 to leave your question for the Wine For Normal People Podcast, and we will play it on the show! Listener Question - from Scott of MA (Rick’s home state!) Main Topic - Fun Facts About Wine (or, Wine Trivia) Aroma v. Bouquet: What are they…really? Wine History: Paranoia about poisoning — the origins of “drinking to your health” — and, the potential origins of the word &# [...]