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Mar 7, 2012

Based on two blog posts, this week we talk about how to travel in wine country and our grape of the week is one of the best stories in the wine world! Here’s a quick summary and the links to the posts: 1. Plan or plan to explore — pick a discreet area so you’re not wasting time driving around. 2. Hit the big names if it’s your first time in the area — the properties are worth the visit! 3. Research and make appointments if you have to. Don’t miss out because you didn’t make appointments ahead of time. 4. Plan no more than 5 wineries for your trip. 5. Eat! 6. Be nice to the tasting room staff! Here’s a link to the post on which the podcast is based: LINK The grape of the week is Carmenere — one of the best stories in the wine world. Here’s a link to the post on Carmenere: LINK. If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes, drop a comment below, or join the awesome conversation on Facebook (Wine For Normal People page) a [...]