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All podcast music: “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons 
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Oct 25, 2012

I feel like I‘m writing a script for Masterpiece Theater (a Public Broadcasting show in the US with high quality yet very dorky programming usually based on literature)… “And in this installment, we find our hero, Bordeaux, only half explained. A general overview was given last week, but we were left hanging. Only understanding very basic things about the region…” Ok, enough of that. Last week gave a very general overview but this week, we get TO IT! We go into good detail about what you need to know at a fundamental level to understand Bordeaux and the things that make is so unique. I’m not doing show notes this week (and this is not a ploy to get you to go to the blog) because I think it’s important to supplement your listening with reading the Bordeaux primer, which goes over similar information. Seeing it written will burn it into your brain and you’ll be on your way to being a Bordeaux dork! So here are links to the Bordeau [...]