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All podcast music: “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons 
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Jan 25, 2013

California is a huge state and makes up 90% of wine production in the United States. This week we tackle this great state that put U.S. winemaking on the map. A special thanks to Magnus, a listener from Sweden, who brought it to my attention that we had to get on it and tackle California. Here’s the show summary: We start with a story about a corked wine we had and M.C. Ice explains his experience of it. We tackle an excellent listener question about why high alcohol wines don’t age well. Then we hit the major quality winemaking areas of California from north to south, giving an overview (or maybe a little more than an overview) of each: Mendocino Sonoma Napa The Central Coast And then we touch on the Sierra Foothills, the Central Valley, Southern California, and a mention a few others. We’ll hit each of the four big areas in detail in future podcasts, but this should give you some idea of how much more California has going on than meets the eye. I [...]