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Oct 18, 2013

In a continuation of my amazing interview with Jean-Louis Carbonnier of the prestigious Bordeaux property Château Palmer, this week we talk more about the wines of the Château and what makes them so good. 

(WARNING: You may want to brush up on the Bordeaux podcasts before listening -- we get into some nerdy details!)

We weave through a bunch of sub-topics, but here are the main points:

  • The 1855 Classification of Left Bank Bordeaux Chateaux, where Palmer got the shaft
  • Is Bordeaux pricing fair? Do the wines measure up?
  • Palmer: its history, the blend, the terroir, the winemaking, and how it comes to taste that great.
  • Alter Ego, Palmer's lower cost wine with a slighlty different blend
  • Then we wrap up with Jean-Louis's takeaways about Palmer & Bordeaux

Thanks again to Jean-Louis and Château Palmer for their time and for educating us on this historic, classic, and unbelievably delicious wine!