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Hi Wine for Normal People listeners! Welcome to the podcast page. For more info, please go to the Wine for Normal People Site and use the Contact Page to ask questions or reach out! 

All podcast music: “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons 
Attribution (3.0) 

Sep 10, 2017

After a few listener questions on what WFNP was, is, and will be, we hit restart. We talk about: What if you or a friend were new to wine? How should they approach the subject? Where should they start? We answer & then add a few words from our 1st listener, Douglas Trapasso.


Here are the show notes: 

1. We answer: 

  • What is Wine for Normal People?
  • Who are our listeners?
  • How did WFNP get started and where is it going?
  • The climate of wine now v. when we started


2. We then shift gears and address the topic of introducing wine novices to wine appreciation. Phase one of the intro involves: 

  • Do a little research before you drink. Mainly on yourself - figure out what kinds of foods you like to eat. NOT For pairing – for finding wines that fit your profile.
    • Go by fruit groups, start with wines that taste like fruit, Don't start sweet
    • Buy the best version you feel comfortable buying (a tier or two above normal)
    • Have them with cheese or food
  • Take note of what you like. Explore that grape from different places. Then find things that are similar 

3. Phase 2 involves:

  • Listen to the podcast on topics you like. Read or listen in digestible bits. Do you like history? Do you like food? Do you like travel? Architecture? Science? What do you like to read about or know about? Wine has it all. Start with whatever topic is fascinating vis a vis wine.
  • Read Wine Folly or Vine Pair to get digestible bits of info
  • Remember: what grows together, goes together
  • Be an explorer – keep pushing yourself into new wines, don’t get hung up on 1 wine type because you like it. If you don’t like a wine or a region, keep at it. Try at least 1 a year from various classic regions – BTG or buy a bottle. Just to check in on your palate evolution.
  • Keep reading, keep listening, take WFNP classes, which will soon be online


Contest!! If you bring two friends who want to know more about wine, and have them like the page and listen to the podcast. I'll pick one of these groups and reward them with a free online live chat on any wine topics they wish. Post on Social Media with their names and I'll select a winning group!