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Feb 24, 2018

Steve and Sher Bell of Campana Ranch discuss Steve's storied past, which included working for the Mondavis during their family split, early days in Napa, and what brought him and Sher to craft the beautiful wines they make in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma today.


Here are some more detailed notes:

  • First we talk about Steve's Story -- which includes the evolution and questions about “Big Wine." We talk about Steve's getting caught in the crosshairs of a Mondavi feud, his time at Freemark Abbey, and the a long career at Beringer
  • We hit on the business side of big wine and how it was challenging for Steve.
  • Sher tells us about her perspective on Steve's career, and how her pursuing her passion helped Steve pursue his with wine. 
  • We discuss how Steve and Sher began the winery -- we talk about the best and hardest parts of having their own things
  • They make a lot of different types of wine -- we discuss the rationale behind it

A fantastic show. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did!!!



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A must listen to anyone interested in learning about California wine history and a great story that moves from corporate to entrepreneurship and always involves a commitment to the vineyard, to doing things ethically, and to making great wine!