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Mar 24, 2018

This week, we are honored to have Kathleen Inman – winegrower, winemaker, forklift driver, salesperson – of Inman Family Wines. She started Inman with the 2000 planting of a plot of land - Olivet Grange Vineyard (OGV), on the corner of Piner Road and Olivet Lane in the Russian River valley. A little over 10 acres, it’s mostly Pinot noir with some Pinot gris, but we’ll talk about 3 acres or so for vegetables and herbs, which seems so relevant and important  to Kathleen’s story, and all the ways she makes her wine with as little impact as possible to the planet.

Here are the notes: 


    • Kathleen talks about what was it was like to grow up in Napa and its influence on her and her wines
    • She discusses her “aha!” wine moment with Pinot at UC-Santa Barbara and how it set her on the path to getting into wine
    • Kathleen shares how her life as an accountant, consultant, and head hunter helped her in the wine biz 
    • She shares how her time in the UK taught her about gardening, the land, and wine culture that changes how she thinks about wine now
    • Kathleen tells us how and why farming in concert with nature is so important to the quality of wine
    • We talk about Inman's delicious Pinot Noir, rosé, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and sparkling and how Kathleen taught herself to make these exceptional wines. 
    • We discuss what it really means to be a non-interventionist winemaker
    • We end with a discussion regarding Kathleen's great advocacy for women in wine. 

 Kathleen makes outstanding wine, check it out at!


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