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Mar 31, 2018

In one of our final in the series spotlighting small Sonoma producers, we meet Diane and John Bucher of Bucher Vineyards and Bucher Farms. This is a podcast truly about terroir and farming, when you get down to it --John Bucher is a fourth generation farmer, and this show is unique because his perspective is so focused on the land and on farming. It's fantastic! 


Bucher Vineyards and Farms is not just a grape growing and winemaking concern. It's an organic dairy farm with over 400 cows AND a premium vineyard that sells to high end wineries that you definitely have heard of if you know Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (Adam Lee of Siduri fame is their winemaker!).

The Buchers own 50+ acres of premium wine grapes, in the north end of the Russian River Valley and make exceptional Pinot Noir, rosé, and Chardonnay all from their own vineyard. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • John's Swiss family history and his true, and unadulterated love of the land, his animals and of farming
  • How the Buchers got into wine and how John taught himself about viticulture
  • What it takes to be an organic dairy farm, and how that translates to care in the vineyard
  • John's love of Pinot Noir and how it can showcase his land better than anything else
  • Adam Lee's role in working with the Bucher's to let John's work in the vineyard shine through
  • The style of Bucher Vineyards and how their Pinot Noir designates are differentiated
  • The benefits of being small, how they get the word out about their wine and what their goals are for the future! 



A fantastic winery, truly happy, delightful people, and great wine! Who could ask for more!?



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