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May 21, 2019

Serge Doré has been an importer of small French family made wines for nearly four decades. His story and background is featured in episode 262, and in episode 276, we spoke with the vigneron of one of the small families he represents, Amelie Aubert from Bordeaux. This time he returns to speak with us about what Bordeaux is really like and his perspective on the good and bad of the region, how it compares with others and why it is so magnificent. 

 Here are some of the things we discuss: 

  • Serge's first experiences in Bordeaux in the 1980s and what the region was like before it was touched by the influence of Robert Parker
  • His take on the cultural and substantive differences between the Right and Left Bank.
  • The effect of critics on Bordeaux 
  • The business structure and climate of Bordeaux -- including the roles of the vigneron, the courtier (broker), and the negociant. 
  • We discuss the role of technology and how it has helped or harmed wine in Bordeaux
  • Serge gives us his view of the best value appellations in Bordeaux now and the best wines for shorter term aging

I had a great time listening to Serge's take on Bordeaux and how it has changed over the years. I hope you love this very lively, honest conversation too!

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