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Dec 15, 2020

It's the end of the year and there's still time to get interesting and USEFUL gifts for the wine lovers in your life. We covered basics of glassware and gadgets in Episode 338, but this pod covers some cool gift ideas that aren't essentials but, rather, nice to haves (or just damn funny to know about in the case of the 5 gag gifts!). Here's the run down of our recommendations (in no particular order so don't read into it!) 

Disclosure: Some of the products contain affiliate links so I may make a small amount if you buy the products below but no one has paid me or gifted me these products so I'll put them on the list.

The Real Gifts

1. Brumate Winesulator and 2 Uncork'd XL wine tumblers with lids, $59.99-$69.99
What is it: If you travel to the beach, go camping, or hang out outdoors in warm weather, you know that glass bottles and drink ware are a no-no. At the beach glass is illegal, for camping and hiking the risk of breakage is high, and in warm weather your wine temperatures rise and can skunk the wine while it sits in glass. Enter the Brumate Winesulator. Pour the wine into this insulated bottle and it will keep it cool for 24 hours (so it claims. Even if it's not that long, it will be long enough for you to down it!).  

Why we like it: The cups are akin to the Yeti Tumblers that we recommend in Ep 338 and they will keep the wine at a great temperature too. This is a completely practical gift that the recipient wind up using frequently once they have it.                  


2. Sipski Silicone Wine Glass Holder for the Bath & Shower $14.99

What is it: As I say in the show, I have no idea why I find myself in the shower with a wine glass so often (M.C. Ice blames it on our kids), but I do. This is a wine glass holder that suctions right onto your shower wall.

Why we like it: My main problems with wine in the bathroom are twofold:

    • I worry the glass will break if I perch it on the side of the shower
    • Water gets into the glass if I put it on the floor of the shower and dilutes the flavor.

The Sipski seems to solve both problems. Know anyone with these pressing issues? This is a perfect gift.


3. The Durand for old bottles and fragile corks $125

What is it: I think their site says it best: The Durand® removes "compromised and fragile corks, whole and intact, from older, valued wines. The Durand has been repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks. It has performed consistently and flawlessly."


Why we like it: I have to admit, I don't drink enough fine, old wine to justify buying this device, but I do know people how own it and they love it. I will admit that I've unwittingly made my own makeshift Durand using a corkscrew and a two-pronged cork puller, but this is far more practical, slicker, and makes more sense! This is perfect for a wine lover who has a big cellar with lots of old bottles



4. CORAVIN, Model Three, $149.95

What is it: Coravin is the biggest innovation in wine since the invention of the corkscrew. Coravin was a sponsor of the pod for a brief time and their founder, Greg Lambrecht, came on to talk about this invention process. He's a biotech guy who figured out how to insert a needle into a cork, take out wine and replace it with argon gas, without introducing oxygen to the wine.

Why we like it: It is pricey, but if you know someone who likes to try a lot of different bottles instead of opening one and sticking with it for the night, or if someone is the lone wine drinker in his or her house, this is the best investment going. It works so well and I use it all the time, especially when I teach classes and don't want to open five bottles in a night! It is perfect if you just want a glass of wine on a Tuesday night but don't want the whole bottle. This is the gold standard for any wine lover and you will be much beloved if you gift this!



5. A Wine Access Gift Card (you choose the amount)

What is it: Yes, they are my sponsor for the show and they did sponsor this podcast but they didn't put me up to putting them on the list. I could have been more generic about a "wine gift card" but I truly believe that Wine Access has top notch products and that the best gift card for wine you could get someone is an  eGift card to their site.

Why we like it: I have worked with them for more than a year and I can tell you that the wines are awesome. They have a great team who only selects 1 in 18 bottles they try. They have excellent customer service, can guarantee that every bottle comes directly from the winery (no weird second-hand stuff), and they have perfect temperature controlled storage so every bottle comes to you in perfect shape. I also love the materials each bottle comes with -- pairings, serving temperatures, educational information -- it's all here. So yes, they are my sponsor, but there's a reason for that. They are top shelf and if you get someone a gift card from them, they will thank you a hundred times over.

Bonus: If you are pressed for time, this is an eGift card -- it gets there within seconds of you registering it!
(*Not available in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah.)


6. Murray’s Cheese Shop: Red Wine Lover's Collection Basket, $95

What is it: Being a native New Yorker means I'm partial to all things New York, and Murray's Cheese (the original location is on Bleeker Street in the East Village) is one of those things. A going concern for more than 80 years, Murray's has its own cellar where they age their cheeses, trained staff, and all around exceptional cheeses.

Why we like it: This collection has a bunch of great cheeses that will pair with reds (and if you don't want to fork over the $95 plus shipping, you can use their list as a guide and make your own basket!). Another great one for a last minute gift -- it's shipped within two days so it will get to your wine and cheese lover fast!


7. The Outdoor Wine Table, $58.00 at 

What is it: Another great gift for outdoor wine enjoyment, this is the perfect little table for people who picnic, like hanging out outdoors, or who go to a hell of a lot of sports games to watch their kids play 😂. The collapsible table holds a bottle, two stems and a small cheese plate.

Why we like it: A classy gift at a fair price. The only hitch -- it's on backorder so you'll have to order it, print out a picture, and tell your friend or loved one that the gift is on the way!


8.  The Wine For Normal People Book ($22/priceless) and/or
a Gift Certificate to take a class ($42 per class)

Yes, I wrote a book. I think it's pretty good AND I think you should give it to someone you know and love! If you buy it and send the receipt to hello (at) winefornormalpeople (dot) com, I'll make your gift a one-of-a-kind and send you a customized bookplate that you can stick in the cover. Tell me who you want me to address it to and it's yours.


And the Wine For Normal People Online Wine School starts its 7th year in 2021. I'm not teaching online because of trends, I've been at this a very long time! $42 for two people gets you 1.5-2 hours of high energy, information packed classes that always sell out for a reason -- you won't get this kind of class anywhere else. I'll make you laugh and think, and I may even torture you with some bad food pairings, but all in the service of super wine dorkery. 


The Gag Gifts...

These are scattered throughout in the podcast, but here are the links to some of the funniest things we found this year in wine gag gifts (plus a reprisal of an old favorite:


  1. Primeware Insulated Drink Purse w/ 3L Bladder Bag, $45 

  2. Forum Novelties Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flask Standard, $11

  3. The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask - Adjustable Design - Holds 25oz of Booze (Grey, Medium), $25

  4.  FlaskScarf Women's Jersey Infinity Novelty Flask Scarf (Hidden 8 Ounce Bladder)$27

  5.  Champagne Bottle Straws 12 Pack ($4.48 of everything is wrong with this. The answer to: You know you have a drinking problem when...)


Thanks to our sponsors this week:

Wine Access 

Visit: and for a limited time get $20 off your first order of $50 or more! And get an eGift Card for the holidays and Wine Access will donate 10% of the proceeds to one of my favorite charities: No Kid Hungry.  It's a great charity that helps end childhood hunger. 

Wine Access is a web site that has exclusive wines that overdeliver for the price (of which they have a range).

  • They offer top quality wines by selecting diverse, interesting, quality bottles you may not have access to at local shops.
  • Wine Access provides extensive tasting notes, stories about the wine and a really cool bottle hanger with pairings, flavor profile, and serving temps.
  • Wines are warehoused in perfect conditions and shipped in temperature safe packs. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check it out today! 


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