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May 3, 2022

David Morrison is a wine analyst and writer. He is an Australian living in Sweden. He has a PhD in plant biology, and that expertise led him to explore the wineries throughout Australia, learning about the high quality wines and vineyards there.

Picture: The Wine Gourd

He runs a blog called The Wine Gourd (, which looks at wine from a totally different perspective – one that focuses on wine data. He seeks to take a more objective look at data, and he draws logical conclusions without an agenda, which means that most of his work provides new insights in wine that others can’t or won’t provide. Much of his work has to do with finding value for money in wine, the relevance of scores, and other major topics from which faulty conclusions are often drawn from data that is easily accessible.


This is a great show, should be eye opening and if you are a person who likes hard data to back up decisions, you will become an addict to the blog as I have.

Topics we cover are:

  1. How data is used and abused in the wine industry to forward agendas or opinions couched as fact

  2. Wine and health – from the article “Why we are never going to know whether wine is good for us or not”


  1. Whether or not biodynamic wines taste better than organic wines


  1. Critic scores and whether they have any meaning…


  1. Quantifying QPR (quality to price ratio) for yourself (four-part series)

Photo: Canva Professional


  1. How Global wine consumption has been declining for a long time


  1. Wine marketing and the wrong questions asked by the industry


  1. How Napa grapes are overpriced


  1. The future: wine recommendation engines


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