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Jun 4, 2011

In homage to the great TV trend of the 1980s, we begin a mini-series on the big grapes from around the world. We’re moving beyond Grape of the Week to go in depth on the wine major league that you ask the most questions about. This week’s episode is on Sauvignon Blanc, just in time for the warm summer weather!! Show Notes: Main Topic -Sauvignon Blanc The Sauvignon Blanc grape, its origins, flavor profile, and why methoxypyrazines and cat pee aren’t such bad things in this grape. We then drilled down into the main regions that produce Sauvignon Blanc and talk about differences in styles: Sancerre/Pouilly- Fume for minerally wines that strip the enamel off your teeth (but are delicious) Napa, California for a softer, floral style, sometimes with an oaky twist Marlborough, New Zealand, for excellent  grapefruit flavors, acid, and even a jalapeno kick Bordeaux for a softer blend with Semillon and Muscade [...]