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May 2, 2012

After a bunch of awesome shout outs, we get to the main event — your questions! We answer 7 questions and then have a segment on wines from Virginia (on the Central East Coast of the US if you aren’t familiar). Here are the questions: Trader Joe’s has a lot of variety in it’s wine section. Are Trader Joe’s wines good? Should I buy them? Can you please give some hints and tips on how to figure out if you live in a place where there are restrictions on shipping? Link to We’re part of a wine club and we’re bored with the same old wine tasting themes. Do you have any ideas? What magazines, web sites, and wine blogs do you read with regularity? Links: Decanter, Wine Business, Wine Doctor, Vinography, Wine Anorak, Jancis Robinson What is a good Web site for keeping track of my wine drinking? Link: Cellar Tracker Is it easier to tell the differences between different whites or different reds? What’s the deal with tip [...]