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Jun 29, 2013

We’re on a roll — hitting the big regions of France. This week, we cover half the Loire. It’s the largest region in France, so we had to break it in two. But first, we remind everyone of our amazing partnership with, for which I am selecting wines that I think are great examples of their regions. Free shipping on 6 or more bottles, great prices, and descriptions of six kick ass wines that will let you taste exactly the attributes M.C. Ice and discuss on the podcast (and as I say on the podcast, I get a small portion of the proceeds, but I selected Vinport as a partner because they let me pick what I wanted to present to you, not what was on their agenda). LINK to my page on Vinport (which features two awesome Alsace wines this month!): LINK TO WFNP PAGE with Alsace wines for purchase! First a Loire overview, including Cremant (sparkling wine), the “branding” issue the region has, and two of the main areas: 1. Pays Nantais/Muscadet Feat [...]