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Dec 2, 2018

This week: a live experiment with Jamie and Emily Peterson of Peterson Winery in Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma, in which we drill down into the effect screw cap and cork have on wine in the long term. We discuss all kinds of bottle closures-- a must listen!


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A few brief notes:

1. We discuss screw cap and the developments with it over the last 10 years

2. We do our first experiment with rosé and talk about what oxygen does as we explore screw caps that let in different amounts of oxygen into the bottle!

3. We briefly touch on bag-in-box and the advantages and disadvantages of it

4. We do the screw cap v cork show down with the following wines:

  • 2010 Peterson Winery Zero Manipulation red
  • 2010 Peterson Winery Sangiovese
  • 2010 Peterson Winery Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel


All comments, shock, and awe are real! This was recorded as we were tasting the wines, so the reactions and conclusions were made on the fly. Video will be available on YouTube as well!


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