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Mar 2, 2020

The grape miniseries continues! This time we cover the grape known as Monstrell in Spain, Mourvèdre in France, and Mataro in other parts of the world. Difficult to grow and make, when treated well the wines from this grape are unlike any other -- herbal, gamy, powerful.

The key things to know about Monastrell/Mourvèdre:

  • The grape originated in Spain, and then moved to the Roussillon, Rhône, and Provence in France. It needs a lot of heat to grow, so it can only thrive in hot locations with lots of sun but ample water.
  • Flavors: They vary greatly depending on where the wine is made, but generally it has deep color, full body, is tannic and high in alcohol.
    • Spain: can be more like red fruit -- cherries and raspberries with spice and herbs.
    • France, especially Bandol: the wines have more dark fruit (if any fruit character at all) with spice, olives, herbs (garrigue as they call it in southern France), and a gamy, barnyard or wild animal smell to the wine. With time (3-5 years) that flavor mellows to something more akin to leather or tobacco and the tannins calm. In the new works styles are less tannic and less gamy.
  • In blends: Mourvèdre adds fullness, flavor and structure that complements the more lifted Grenache and the elegant Syrah.
  • In rosé: The grape helps these wines have longevity, lending tannin and great flavor to the wine
  • Food Pairings: Meats or root/hearty vegetables that are braised, grilled, or in a stew. Hard cheeses work too.


Where can you find it?


  • Provence: Especially Bandol, where the finest Mourvèdre is made. Producers we mentioned are Domaine Tempier (reds and rosé), Château de Pibarnon
  • Languedoc-Roussillon: one to watch for more varietal Mourvèdre in the future
  • Rhône:  in blends and especially in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. We mention Beaucastel as having a high percentage of Mourvèdre


Spain (called Monastrell)


Other US:  Washington State, Oregon, Arizona, TX, Virginia, Chile, South Africa



  • Used as a component in GSMs  -- Grenache Syrah Mourvèdre blends
  • South Australia: Riverland (bulk wine), Barossa, McLaren Vale
  • New South Wales: Riverina (bulk wine area)
  • Producers making single varietal Mourvèdre:


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