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Nov 15, 2021

Thank you for 10+ years and 400 episodes. We couldn’t do it without you! A VERY special thanks to our Patrons who have kept the show alive since 2018. 

In this show we discuss 10 things we've learned over the 400 episodes we've produced over the last 10+ years. Here's a quick summary...

1. Climate change is no longer a BS term. People are taking it seriously and being more positive about what to do about it

2. Change in the New World – confidence, maturity, and even better wine

3. Change in the Old World – a more wine-lover centric attitude

4. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…wine styles have diversified, so make sure you try many examples before you say you dislike a grape or a region

5. The decline of the wine score…we still use them, but they carry a lot less weight and there are many of us who know they are highly biased and don’t give a lot of information to us

6. Balance is more important in wine than any one component

7. Consistency for WFNP (and for wine) is never going away…but changing your mind with new facts is ok!

8. Everything in wine changes, everything in wine stays the same…

9. You can get a great bottle for $9, if you know what to look for

10. A riff on #4 – sometimes wines that are bad sippers are great with food. It’s sometimes imbalance in a sipper that makes it perfect with food (yes, it contradicts #6 but this is a special circumstance – food changes a lot of things with wine. And that’s wine…full of consistency, full of contradiction!)


Cheers to another 400 episodes -- we'll make them as long as you keep listening! 


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