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Jul 26, 2022

Patron Serl Z asked: What are wines other than Pinot Noir for those for whom that is the only red wine they will drink?

Photo: Pinot Noir grapes, Canva photos

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Pinot has so many different faces depending on where it’s grown – terroir is everything with the grape. But if we’re talking about medium-bodied, more acidic styles that are food-friendly, then this podcast answers that question!



  • Schiava or Teroldego from Alto Adige

  • Bardolino or lighter styles of Valpolicella from Veneto

  • Nebbiolo from Piedmont, alternately Grignolino, a light, acidic wine

  • The reds of Mount Etna (Etna Rosso), Sicily

  • Frappato, Sicily



  • Poulsard and Trousseau, the reds of the Jura region (specifically Arbois, which is often blended in with Pinot)

  • Gamay from Beaujolais – Beaujolais-Village or lighter to medium styles from the Crus of Saint-Amour, Régnié, and Fleurie

  • Reds from the Loire Valley. based on Cabernet Franc, especially St-Nicholas de Bourgeuil

  • Côtes du Rhône red and white (yes, this white is big enough to be a red alternative). If you can find a wine with Cinsault in the blend (Rasteau and Cairanne Cru are good bets!), you’ll be in for a light style that will scratch your Pinot itch!

Photo: Jura vineyards in France, Canva photos


  • Laurent, some Zweigelt (again, watch alcohol levels)

Greece: Agiogitiko and some Xinomavro

The US and Canada:

  • Finger Lakes or Virginia: Cabernet Franc in the US

  • Eastern Canada: Cabernet Franc


The Iberian Peninsula:

  • Spain: Mencía from Bierzo or Ribeira Sacra

  • Portugal: Blends of the Dão

Photo: Vineyards in Ribeira Sacra, home of great Mencía. Canva photos.

Most New World countries make excellent Pinot Noir but don’t have a lot of alternative lighter wines, given the climate. Also, as they were starting their industry, winemakers imported grapes they felt would be successful, and Pinot was the winner of the light to medium-bodied category!


So, those are my picks, but you may have others! Feel free to share.



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