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Mar 6, 2023

This week’s show covers the Côte de Nuits: the northern part of Côte d’Or, the famed ‘golden slope’ of Burgundy.

Map: Vins de Bourgogne


The Côte de Nuits lies between the city of Dijon in the north and hamlet of Nuits-Saint-Georges in the south (from which the Côte takes its name). In this small area, you will find most famed, expensive, and best Pinot Noir on earth. Most producers make less than 1,000 cases of wine a year and the prices boggle the mind.


Like the Côte de Beaune, this is a big topic with so much nuance. Because you can never be reminded enough times, we review the history, geography, and climate of the Côte d’Or, with an emphasis on the Côte de Nuits. After this, we start our way down the Côte de Nuits (and don’t make it too far!) we cover: 


We reference these podcasts in the show:


Here's a map of the Côte de Nuits to reference during the show

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