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Jul 17, 2023

Eva Martinelli is a young, innovative, and experienced winemaker from Tuscany. She has a degree in oenology, a deep understanding of terroir of Chianti Classico, and an unrivaled passion for the region. She has worked harvests in New and Old World countries, after which she returned home to follow her dream of being a winemaker in the region she loves most. 

Photo: Eva Martinelli, Credit:Wine For Normal People

I met Eva in May 2023, while on the tour of Tuscany with a group of Patrons. She works for a very historic winery in Chianti Classico, giving tours and managing the sales and tourism for that winery. The Patrons and I loved her and learned so many new things about Chianti Classico from her.


In this show we discuss the terroir of Chianti Classico from a more geological standpoint, the history of the region, and the honest truth about the struggle of young, talented winemakers in Chianti Classico and other parts of Italy. 


Here is her list of her three favorite wineries in Radda in Chianti (Patreon show notes have an expanded list):

-Fattoria di Montemaggio
-Podere Capaccia
-Il Barlettaio 


This is an eye-opening show and a great one to learn general info about Chianti from an objective expert who has no brand agenda or marketing angle to put forward! 


Cheers to Eva and all the young winemakers of Chianti Classico! 


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