Wine for Normal People
Last year we covered so much in last year’s Thanksgiving episode that we barely left anything for this year. We didn’t just want to do a recap or recite the same old wines that everyone else recommends. So for this Winter Solstice Plus (for our international listeners)/Thanksgiving edition, we talk about how to incorporate your original heritage into the feast this year. After we give thanks to some folks for comments, we address: The basics of food and wine pairing The largest ethnic groups from which most people in the US derive — German, English, Italian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Austrian — and which wines associated with these countries will pair with the big day. More detail on food and wine pairing. As promised, here are a few of the wines we mentioned: German Riesling (Spätlese, Auslese, Spätburgunder/Pinot Noir) White Bordeaux Fiano d’Avellino, Falanghina, Barbera The white wines of Alsace and Rhône, Rosé (not more tha [...]
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This week we cover lots of ground but the main topic is from listener, Tony Jacobson. Thanks so much for the suggestion! Here are the show notes: First, a special word on our sympathies for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which demolished parts of the Northeast of the U.S. We are praying for you! (If you are interested in donating to the ASPCA or the Humane Society, or learning more about how you can help the animals displaced by the storm, Ellie thanks you). And then to the big 8 (they say everything should always be in odd numbers when you’re describing something or writing about it. I say I don’t care because I think these are worthwhile!): 1. We start with the moment that got me into wine: A white tasting at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Life-changing. See my sister’s notes (right). 2. A few classic Bordeaux that M.C. Ice and I won’t ever forget: Chateau Palmer and Cos d’Estournel. 3. Next, a food and wine pairing experience that [...]
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