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In this podcast we cover Chile, a country with some really great wines and some very interesting history behind it in the wine world. After a retraction and re-giving of thanks to a listener we hit the main topic. We discuss how this long, narrow country’s isolation has led to a bunch of developments — great for wine, less good for politics We talk about the climate, geography, and main grapes Then we hit the long history of winemaking, starting with the Conquistadores and hitting on some of the key developments (including the influence of Bordeaux) that made the Chilean wine industry what it is today The grape confusion and the rebirth of Sauvignon Blanc and Carmenere in Chile Then we hit on regions and what to expect from the wines of this long, skinny country. And thanks for listening! We can’t wait to hear from you! If you’ve got a question you want us to answer, post it we’ll include it on the show! Thanks to - our new sponsor! Get [...]
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This week’s podcast features some new stuff. A listener question for M.C. Ice challenges him about why he bothers to shop for wine. Then we get into the business of wine in business. In the corporate events and speaking engagements I do, I always address wine business etiquette and this podcast is a compilation of the tips I give and questions I’ve answered. The tips include: Don’t be tempted to play the know-it-all game How to pick or be a host in wine ordering — sharing, gathering ideas, not making assumptions, and using the sommelier to break tension Watch the budget, it’s not hard to do! How to choose wine as a gift Know when to abstain Dealing with colleagues who have different financial situations Handling colleagues or associates who treat the staff like crap At the end of the podcast, a new feature! A listener call in. We have a quick conversation with Barbie, a listener from New York, about blind tasting and what we think about it. Thanks to Ba [...]
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