Wine for Normal People (sake)

This week listener Jenn Y and I interview Tomomi Muraki Duquette, a sake sommelier from Niigata City who schools us in everything sake! We cover everything you need to allow you to explore the world of sake! Thanks to Tomomi and Jenn for a great lesson!

We cover things like:

  • What is sake? How much like beer is it versus like wine?
  • How is sake made?
  • What flavors should we expect from different kinds of sake?
  • What are the different kinds of sake? What should we look for on the bottle?

As promised, here are the types of sake that Tomomi discussed:

  • junmai
  • honjozo
  • Junmai ginjo, gingo
  • Junmai daiginjo, daiginjo 

For more good reading on the topic, please visit this site:


Enjoy this very cool, different WFNP special! 


And for more info on Tomomi's group, see her Facebook page:

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