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Mar 29, 2012

This week we take a departure from our normal format and MC Ice gets a break! I was so excited to have the chance to host the folks from Chateau Montelena, one of the wineries that helped put Napa on the world wine map as serious winemaking region, capable of rivaling Burgundy and Bordeaux.This podcast isn’t about free marketing for Chateau Montelena. It’s about the historical significance of the place, and about how they do things so differently from a lot of other Napa wineries. We were lucky to have head winemaker Cameron Parry, assistant winemaker Matt Crafton, and marketing diva (and one of the coolest ladies in Napa) Jamie Rothberg around to break it all down for us.If you want some more background on the winery (since we don’t go into detail on some things) please read these two posts (2010, 2011) to learn more!Full of funny, surprising (there is a HUGE wine celebrity cameo in the middle) and dorky moments, here’s a quick rundown of what we t [...]