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Jan 27, 2019

Serge Doré has been importing high quality, outstanding value wines from small French family wineries for decades. His passion, discerning palate, ethics, and intelligence make him a model for how importing should be done. He shares his story with us!!

First, here's where you can find Serge and his wines:

And here are a few of the many topics Serge and I cover in the show:

1. Serge answers the big question: What exactly does an importer do

2. Serge discusses how he got into the profession and his experiences in building his business -- the joys and struggles (he tells us how importing can be very ugly for some of these small wineries when they hook up with the wrong people). 

3. We discuss the wonderful family wineries Serge works with all over France and what it means to have their products sold in international markets, especially the U.S. 

4. Serge tells us why French wines are often a better value than US wines

5. We discuss up and coming French regions that we should look out for and Serge offers advice for people who have a palate for New World wines but who would like to expand into French wines


Serge is passionate, kind, smart as a whip, and a fantastic person. I think you'll learn an incredible amount about importing, the wine business, and the struggles of small wineries by listening to this fascinating show. One of my favorite guests of all time! 


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