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Dec 15, 2021

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Rasteau is a cru of the Côtes du Rhône, specifically the southern Rhône. It is an area with a very specific geography, soil type, climate, and wine style that deserves our attention.


In this show we explore this region, discussing the land, the climate, traditions, grapes, and winemaking.  The quality and differentiation among the wines of Rasteau and how it stands out as a very special place in the Rhône Valley Vineyards are clear when you taste these wines and when you talk to producers, so for this show we have two ambassadors for Rasteau, Frédéric Lavau of Lavau and Domaine Les Évigneaux and Françoise Joyet Larum of Domaine des Girasols. They join to represent the region and to tell us about this historic, beautiful and high-quality winemaking appellation.

Photo: Frédéric Lavau of Lavau and Domaine Les Évigneaux, courtesy of the Domaines

In this show you’ll learn about:

  • Where Rasteau is located, plus its unique terroir, and climate features (including the role of the Mistral wind, climate change, and how winemakers in Rasteau maintain freshness and balance in the wines with warming trends)

  • Organic and sustainable farming in Rasteau

  • The Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre that grow here and how the flavors change based on where the grapes are planted, how old the vines are, and how the wine is made

  • Why Rasteau is a superior appellation (cru) of the southern Rhône and why it is such a diverse, multi-layered region

Photo: Françoise Joyet Larum of Domaine des Girasols, courtesy of the Domaine

  • How different producers on different sites can produce varied styles that are food friendly. We discuss the top pairings with Rasteau wines too, because they are so very food friendly. Roasted fish or chicken for lighter styles, ribs, lamb, or barbeques or mushrooms, root vegetable, and hard cheeses for fuller bodied wines. Herbs and spices from the Mediterranean always work well with Rasteau. These wines are so versatile there is so many possibilities!

  • Finally we discuss visiting Rasteau, the festivals around wine, and the self-guided wine route you can do while in the town.

Photo courtesy of Rasteau AOC


Thank you to the region of Rasteau for the educational partnership and financial support for this show and for teaching us about this appellation, full of history, excellent wine, and passionate producers!


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This podcast and post are part of a paid partnership. All photos courtesy of Rasteau AOC.