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Aug 18, 2018

In this podcast I have a fascinating conversation with the head of Global Growth for, Suzanne Kendrick. The company is based in New Zealand and they are the ultimate intersection between tech and wine -- essentially the Google of wine prices. 

From their site, 

"The Wine-Searcher database and search engine bring together wines and prices from merchants around the world. It was created in 1999, and is now used by millions to locate, compare and purchase wines. The database grows daily and is constantly monitored for quality. Manual and automated procedures are run daily to remove lists that are out-of-date or incorrect in any way."

If you want to know what the average price/worth of a wine is, look no further than this site. It's revolutionized the industry and added a transparency for us, as buyers, that would be unthinkable before it existed. A fascinating podcast and one that will have you hopping on the site all the time if you've never used it before!!


Here are some of the topics we discussed:

1. Wine-Searcher has over 90,000 listings from all over the world. We talk about how they use technology to get updated pricing from retailers nightly. It's a cool discussion on how the tech works!

2. We talk about the business model for -- how it makes its money and how it caters to its various audiences, from collectors to retailers to suppliers.

3. Suzanne tells us about how she's used data to see worldwide shifts in buying habits. 

4. Wine-Searcher has had an enormous influence on the wine trade -- pricing transparency and democratization of pricing has been a direct result of this tool. We talk about the how and why of this influence.

5. We discuss the future of the company, now that Martin Brown, the founder recently stepped down and Julian Perry took the role of CEO

I've used for over a decade and I find it invaluable. From pricing, to data, to summaries on regions, it's a key part of the wine landscape. Check it out! 



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