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All podcast music: “Café connection” by morgantj / CC BY 3.0, ©2009 – Licensed under Creative Commons 
Attribution (3.0) 

Feb 14, 2012

M.C. Ice and I are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback! As usual, we celebrate and thank you for your support by going through shout outs from iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter — all amazing! We appreciate you all so much. Then, we address a question that I’ve been hearing a ton lately: What kind of additives are in wine? (As a preview, they’re not related to Velveeta or Cheese Whiz, even though the name “additive” evokes those highly-processed foods!). For the main topic, this week we take a practical look at how to taste wine to get more out of your experience. We get down & dirty, giving you new ideas on how to evaluate what you’re tasting. Why it’s important to look at the wine, swirl it, smell it, and what to look for while tasting. Our goal: have you slow down the process of tasting so you can figure out what you like and don’t like, so you can get more of the former and avoid the latter! If you lik [...]