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Aug 21, 2017

In a small area of Piedmont is a hidden gem that makes some of the best value Nebbiolo and most unique whites of Italy, Arneis. If you love Italy and want to add to the list of gems, this podcast is a MUST listen!


Show Notes:

1. We give an overview of Piedmont, Italy and where Roero fits in to the mix -- it makes Nebbiolo and a unique white called Arneis


2. We discuss the small size of Roero 1100 ha/2700 acres of which most of it is Arneis with some limited growing of Nebbiolo. We chat about the advantages of Roero and how its polyculture will serve it well in years to come! 


3. We do the requisite history dork out (you know I can't help myself!): discussing the long heritage, the Roero family, and how Roero started its rise in the wine pantheon


4. Dorking out further, we cover the geology of Roero:

  • How it was part of the Golfo Padano, a sea that receded
  • The relevance of sand soils to the wine
  • The importance of the Tanaro River and its changing course




5. We talk wine styles:

  • Nebbiolo
    • Softer, earlier maturing than those wines but can be bold and aromatic that can be bottled under simple Nebbiolo d’Alba or under Roero DOCG
    • Various levels to explore: Romero DOCG, Roero Reserve DOCG, NEW: After 8 years – subzone classification map of top vineyard sites in Roero – “Grand Cru”
  • Arneis  
    • Roero Arneis is minerally and expressive, mild in acidity, but the soils add complexity and minerality.
    • Arenas was planted to get birds and bugs away from Nebbiolo b/c it’s more aromatic
    • Various levels to explore: Roero Arneis DOCG, Roero Arneis Riserva DOCGRoero Arneis Spumante DOCG

Some producers mentioned: 

  • Vietti
  • Bruno Giacosa 
  • Luciano Sandrone 
  • Matteo Correggia

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